Refund & Cancellation Policy


Updated 3/6/2024

Policy Overview

All website and marketing services provided by Valo Marketing are reinforced by an individualized and corresponding Services Agreement - which is signed by both Valo Marketing and The Customer. The Services Agreement outlines any payment arrangement, scope of work, delivery date(s), term of service, termination of service, along with other recitals.

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy has been created and developed to outline and define circumstances and/or situations for which Valo Marketing will provide a cancellation of services and/or provide a refund.


* Our Refund and Cancellation Policy covers website and internet marketing services provided by Valo Marketing. 

* This policy does not cover or provide cancellations and/or refunds for companies not managed, operated, or wholly owned by Valo Marketing.  This includes any third (3rd) party companies, service, or product providers for which the customer is or may be bound by contract.  

Requesting to Cancel a Service and/or Requesting a Refund

* Valo Marketing takes on every project with a vested interest and holds the highest regard for our customers.  We make every effort to find and provide a solution that is mutually beneficial should a Customer find any dissatisfaction with our products and/or services.  It should only be at a point to where no resolution can be made as to where a refund is provided. 

* Valo Marketing aims to find or create a mutually beneficial solution for both parties.  If no solution should arise, we ask that you contact us directly by calling: (218) 206-8366 or by emailing us at to request a cancellation or services and/or for any refund inquiries. 

Refund Eligibility

At Valo Marketing, every project is handled with care and professionalism. We aim to deliver results according to our Services Agreement's terms and conditions. If a client is unsatisfied and initiates a Cancellation and/or Refund Request, we have clearly outlined refund examples that specify a refund type and amount: 

* Full RefundIf the project has not started or if the initial design style has not been approved, the Full Refund will begin after receiving the upfront payment and will take 60 business days to refund.

* Partial RefundIf we fail to deliver according to our Services Agreement after approving the initial design style, a partial refund will be given based on the amount of work completed and will take 60 business days to refund.

* No RefundIf the project or service has been approved, all work has been completed and is active online. 

Limitation of Liability

Valo Marketing's liability is limited to the value of the incomplete project as stated in the Services Agreement. Valo Marketing is not responsible for any losses resulting from the provision or non-provision of services, or any delays. A refund will only be considered if the client cancels the project, requests and refund and communicates this cancellation to Valo Marketing through verbal or written means.

Refund Processing

* Partial Refunds for a portion of the full amount will be handled by completing the necessary procedures, and a check for the specified amount will be sent by mail within 60 business days after the cancellation date.

* Full refunds will be processed and a check for the full amount will be mailed within 60 business days following the date of cancellation.

Policy Changes

Valo Marketing reserves the right to change its policy at any time without notice. Please review the policy periodically. Your continued use of the Valo Marketing website implies acceptance of any amendments.

Contact Information

Valo Marketing is a Web Design and Web Development company located in Duluth, MN. In addition to creating fantastic websites, we specialize in various types of internet marketing services.  Our contact information is as follows:  Mailing Address: PO BOX 16426, Duluth, MN 55816. Phone Number: (218) 206-6388.  Email Address: